The Future of My First Startup: Quillo

In part 1 yesterday, I gave a spark notes summary of my last three years told through the lens of my first startup Quillo. Today I’m going to discuss it’s future.

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Partner, partner, partner

I went through 5 different partners during Quillo’s history. They all followed the same pattern. At the start of a new partnership, it’s always puppies and rainbows. I would romanticise a grand future, I would have a jolt of motivation and accountability, and I would feel like this individual will bring the magic sauce to catalyse growth.

Freedom & Exploration

I remember watching the following video when I first started learning about startups. Paul Graham, the founder of YC (Most successful startup accelerator in history), gives the very blunt advice not to create a startup while you are young because it will consume your entire life.

Just watch the first 5 minutes from where the video starts to hear his words I refer to

The Future

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EFSG8 | Founder at Strive Math | Founder at Quillo

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